Monday, April 13, 2015

Pulling Back The Curtain, Part 5

The investigation of Visa Angels and C2C Moves continues.


Last week this post appeared on the GP website. It starts off as someone appearing to look for information but ends as an advertisement. Pretty juvenile really but when you've been playing message board games for as long as this crowd has old habits die hard. We're embarrassed for them.

We agree with you about integrity Heidi so maybe you should take a closer look at one of the comments made in response to your  post.

According to this commenter he and his wife deliberately broke the law and committed fraud to apply for a visa and did so on the recommendation of the C2C Moves Visa Angels team.

We think this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. A very large iceberg and we've turned this over to the proper authorities.

What was that again about integrity Heidi?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pulling Back The Curtain, Part 4

The investigation of Visa Angels and C2C Moves continues.

She's back trolling for container shipment clients under the guise of Visa Angels again. This was a comment on Gringo Post today about a visa question.

We think not shopping for advise on message boards is good advise also and this includes fake recommendations for C2C Moves. We agree Jodie or Joann at

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pulling Back The Curtain, Part 3

The Visa Angels and C2C Moves investigation continues.

This was on Gringo Post. The big meeting held at none other than Joe's Secret Garden. I think we've come full circle.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pulling Back The Curtain, Part 2

The investigation of Visa Angels of Cuenca and C2C Moves continues.

This recommendation for C2C Moves appeared on Gringo Post. Notice the email address of the recommender. A name, a number and then a @. 'Jodie' uses the same type of email address, Coincidence? Not surprisingly a glowing comment by 'Jodie' about the recommendation.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pulling Back The Curtain

Visa Angels of Cuenca, Ecuador is an illusion, They don't have a physical address or even a website. They claim to be volunteers that offer free visa assistance in Cuenca, Ecuador.

So who are they and what are they about? The face of Visa Angels goes by the name of Jodie Mansfield but has also used the name Joann Mansfield. She mostly trolls Facebook groups with her Facebook account(s), she has three of them. She also trolls Gringo Post and Gringo Tree looking for prospects. They claim to be free but they charge for translations and notaries and will accept donations. Here are a couple photos of Jodie or Joann from one of her Facebook accounts

Pulling back the curtain

Visa Angels is actually a front for C2C Moves of Cuenca which is in the business of shipping containers of household goods from the U.S. to Ecuador. They use Visa Angels to prospect for potential container shipping clients and what better potential customers than those inquiring about a residency visa.

So who is behind C2CMoves? C2C Moves is co owned by Joesph Soliman and Joseph Spotts. Here is a Facebook photo. That's Joseph Soliman on the left and Joe Spotts on the right

What else are they in to? Both Joe's also co own Joe's Secret Garden in Cuenca where every Saturday they serve a catered meal in their home to gringos (cash only please)

Joe Soliman is the administrator for both of their websites, C2Cmoves and Joe's Secret Garden.

Now here's where it gets interesting  Remember Jodie or Joann? C2C Moves has her testimonial published on their website.

There are also two stellar reviews on Trip Adviser for Joe's Secret Garden by a reviewer named cuencajodie

There are numerous recommendations on Gringo Post and Gringo Tree for C2C Moves which are probably fake.